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For over thirty years; Masters Choice has been dedicated to producing the most nutritionally advanced corn hybrids in the industry. Our premium hybrids have been bred specifically for livestock feeding operations.  Masters Choice has pressed against the industry trends to provide floury grain that has more energy available than standard vitreous corn varieties. Starch in feed rations drives milk and meat production. So, why settle for a less efficient source than floury corn?

We are here to be a resource to you, the grower. Please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are happy to provide you with more information or to answer any questions you may have.

Our digestible starch was always around 75% in the fall, and if we were lucky it would get up to 88% though the year. The last two years, planting Masters Choice conventional hybrids, two weeks after chopped our test results are coming back 88-90% digestible starch, and that’s without inoculants. There has also been a noticeable difference in leaf width and stalk diameter from our previous brands
Nick MertensStaple, MN
When I started feeding Masters Choice M.E.A.T. hybrids, my efficiency improved in several areas. I don’t have to feed as much corn in my ration with the Masters Choice M.E.A.T. hybrids. I have fewer problems with herd health, and no problems with bloat. My cattle don’t sort out the cobs or larger pieces of silage in the feed bunk, as they do with other brands of corn. The Masters Choice M.E.A.T. hybrids grind much easier than other corn hybrids.
Phil GarberBradford, OH
Forage quality cannot be too good because highly digestible forages are the basis for efficient and profitable milk production. Masters Choice hybrids provide the highly digestible nutrients for meeting the nutrient requirements of the high producing dairy cow.
As a dairy producer, I can see a positive response on the farm to floury corn and silage hybrids with high NDFd. I have experienced others having similar successful experiences with Masters Choice corn.
Dave HunsbergerMifflintown, PA
Because of the higher sugar content and the natural plant health of Masters Choice Hybrids, insects tend to leave it alone, so they are less reliant on GMO traits. Their hybrids have an excellent root system, allowing plants to mine for moisture and nutrients.
Lee EricksonMountain Lake, MN
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