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    Is Your Corn Bred for You? Corn for Livestock

    40% of all corn sold in the United States is ultimately fed to livestock.
    We believe that corn should be bred with the end use in mind.

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    From Our Greenhouses to Your Fields Unique Research and Development

    In order to bring you nutritionally advanced products, of the highest
    quality, we spend years perfecting each hybrid, getting it just right.

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    Have Your Cake, and Eat it Too Nutrition that Yields

    Our hybrids break stereotypes that exist in the industry. In addition
    to advanced nutrition, we offer top yields and quality agronomics.


Making a DifferenceWith Corn Bred for Livestock

Floury Grain

At Masters Choice we’ve made a commitment to soft, floury grain. These hybrids show increased digestibility and reduced rate of passage.

Dealer Locator

Our dealer network spans the country. Find your closest dealer to learn more about Masters Choice, or place an order.

Independently Owned

As an independent, family owned company we are able to make decisions with your best interests at heart, free from boardroom pressure.



of corn is fed

40% of all corn grown in the United States ultimately goes to making livestock feed. We specialize in breeding corn hybrids with the end use in mind.


more rumen degradable

A combination of the industry’s top digestibility and elite agronomics, have resulted in our hybrids proving to be up to 50% more rumen degradable.


non-gmo lineup

Despite trends in the industry, Masters Choice has remained dedicated to keeping top performing hybrids as non-GMO, offering traits only when needed.


Masters Choice is an independently owned and operated seed corn provider, headquartered in the Southern Illinois region. For over thirty years we have maintained a passionate dedication to hybrids of the highest quality. Be it for digestible grain or silage, only those hybrids with elite agronomics and yield, combined with superior livestock digestibility, make it into a Masters Choice bag. The Crabtree family, owners for the last decade, are very pleased to continue the Masters Choice tradition of excellence and proud to offer a products with significant value to America’s farm families.

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  • Dave Hunsberger
    Mifflintown, PA
    The advantages Masters Choice brings to the farm are: profitable forage and feed production, healthier livestock, and increased milk production. From a nutritionist’s perspective, Masters Choice hybrids deliver a high value to dairy producers by developing and breeding corn hybrids for high milk per ton and milk per acre.
  • Dr. Dave Casper, P.A.S.
    South Dakota State University
    Highly digestible forages are the basis for efficient and profitable milk production.  Masters Choice hybrids provide the highly digestible nutrients for meeting the nutrient requirements of the high producing dairy cow.
  • Nick Mertens
    Staple, MN
    Our digestible starch was always around 75% in the fall. The last two years, planting Masters Choice conventional hybrids, two weeks after chopped our test results are coming back 88-90% digestible starch, and that’s without inoculants.
  • Fritz Farm, LLC
    New Windsor, MD
    We were running short on corn silage this fall. To make our silage stretch we began blending MC6581 that had only been fermenting for 8 days. We soon switched completely to the fresh MC6581 and the cows never missed a beat in production.
  • J. Beary Dairy
    Cambridge Springs, PA
    I was surprised at how well fermented the MC530 was after only a few days in the bag, but I still expected to see a drop in milk production with the fresh silage. However the cows started to come up in production and increased 7 pounds/head/day after they were on the MC530 totally, they even ate the rings of cob.
  • Chad Krzewina
    Crivitz, WI
    We are very happy with our Masters Choice corn silage. Our 400 cows are eating a lot of it and averaging 108 pounds of milk in the tank. I can’t imagine anything working better!