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R&D Update

posted on January 10, 2017 /

Our research and development team is busy this winter. Michael Lake recently finished pollinating our winter crop in the greenhouse. The crop looks beautiful. One of the newest projects for us is taking place in the greenhouse this winter. We started AP testing some of our proprietary inbreds. This will help us to be certain that our parent seed is 100 percent GMO free. This is critical for our customers that are aiming for Non-GMO premiums. With the overwhelming majority of corn pollen that’s flying across the country each summer carrying some form of genetically modified trait, producing conventional seed corn presents some unique challenges, but Masters Choice is working hard to exceed the demands of our customers.

Cullen Johnson and Kyle Vosburgh are in Puerto Rico working on our winter nursery. Masters Choice utilizes winter nurseries to speed up the development of new inbreds and hybrids. Cullen has a number of inbred projects that he is working to advance in Puerto Rico. He is also making hybrid test seed to be utilized in the continental United States this summer. Kyle and Cullen will also be taking a look at some brand new hybrid crosses that we made in summer nurseries in 2016. Their observations will play a key role in developing the hybrid testing lineup for 2017.

These winter projects are all taking place as we are reviewing hybrid data from 2016, making seed production decisions, planning seed stock increases, building our test hybrid lineup, and building summer nursery plans. Our research and development team is working year round to continue to improve our hybrid lineup.

To see a behind the scenes look in the greenhouse check out the video below from our YouTube Page. We would love for you to subscribe to our page; we are adding exciting new content every week. To visit our page click here.

    By Kevin Koone