Masters Choice continues is continuing its focus on high yielding highly digestible Non-GMO forages. For over 30 years, Masters Choice has relied on natural plant health and proven genetics to anchor our Non-GMO lineup. We have proven that our focus is on producing the strongest Non-GMO corn lineup in the industry. Despite a changing marketplace, our sales have continued to be dominated by Non-GMO hybrids making up over 70 percent of our yearly sales. While we do offer elite traited products, we feel there is much to be gained through natural plant health. With ever rising trait and seed costs, more and more farmers across this country are integrating Non-GMO hybrids into their farming operation. In a time when farmers are having a hard time finding quality Non-GMO hybrids, Masters Choice offers hybrids in a 82-118 day maturity range. Farmers planting Masters Choice Non-GMO hybrids can expect to experience zero yield drag. Our Non-GMO options will not only yield with all competing conventional options, but will also yield with the top traited options on your farm.
Masters Choice Non-GMO Lineup
MC3220, MC468, MC463, MC480, MC4050, MC4210, MC4280, MC4430, MC4560, MC4590, MC4880, MC4950, MC5090, MC5250, MC5300, MC5370, MC527, MC530, MC5660, MC534, MC535, MC5800, MC6060, MC583, MC6150, MC6470, MC628, MC630, MC6580, MC590, MC6750, MC6890
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