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posted on September 19, 2016 /

New Product Offering: MicroMaster Organic Seed Treatment

By: Kyle Vosburgh

Over the years at Masters Choice we have strived to bring you the very best hybrids designed for a specific end use. We have continuously tried our very best to offer one of the best organic lineups in the marketplace. This past year we have solidified that by bringing forward many mainstay hybrids now offered organically. We also have brought forward our brand new OMRI approved organic seed treatment, MicroMaster. Traditionally organic seed has only been offered to customers untreated. This leaves organic seed susceptible to many early season issues that can plague corn crops. MicroMaster is a unique product that gives our organic seed the opportunity it needs to power through many of those early season issues.

MicroMaster is a humic acid seed treatment that has the ability to manipulate hydrogen molecules in order to better utilize their use in the plants early season growth and development. MicroMaster has the ability to isolate a hydrogen ion. Through that isolation the humic acid seed treatment can change the polarity of that ion from positive to negative or negative to positive to match what the soil needs. This process is specifically called electrostatic attraction. It attracts nutrients and facilitates the uptake that a plant needs to succeed in its early growth stages. This type of electrostatic attraction also allows for less leaching in the soil which offers the plant the most readily available nutrients in the soil. It also uses complex chelation to dissolve and bind minerals. This processes works hand in hand with electrostatic attraction to allow the plant to take up the proper nutrients at the best time to give our organic hybrids an enhanced opportunity at early growth. Increased early season emergence and vigor is extremely important in producing a strong organic crop.

We are continuously looking to offer our customers top of the line products. MicroMaster is another strong addition to our ever-growing organic lineup. Corn yields are significantly affected by early season plant emergence and growth. We saw this need in our organic offerings, and are very excited for our customers to see the results. That being said, we are bringing forward MicroMaster as the standard treatment on our organic seed for the 2016-2017 sales season. Masters Choice is committed to providing our customers with the most consistent products and service in an always changing marketplace.

    By Kyle Vosburgh