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The story of Masters Choice goes back over thirty years, starting with founder John Rucker and his passion for breeding the highest quality corn plants in the industry. A plant breeder, educated at the University of Missouri, John spent a lifetime devoted to building the MC hybrid lineup through a base of proprietary genetic material. Maintaining a regional sales network, John sought a next generation of ownership that could turn his dynamic hybrid lineup into national recognition and presence. In 2004 he sold the business to current Masters Choice owners, the Crabtree family: Lyn and Paula, and their two sons Andrew and Caleb.

Humbled by this opportunity, we have spent the last decade working hard and seeking the Lord’s will for our business. Our sales network, spanning from coast to coast, is made up of a wonderful group of people we are proud to consider our friends. Our staff, which started out as just Lyn and Paula, has now grown to over 30 full time employees. They are truly an amazing group; we consider them our second family of sorts. As we move into the future, Masters Choice seeks to continue solidifying our place in the silage and digestible grain marketplaces. We are building a lineup of floury hybrids that we feel make a difference to livestock feeding operations.

Of all corn sold in the United States 40% ultimately turns into livestock feed. Our goal is to position our self on the cutting edge of research that improves feed efficiency for livestock operations. As such an important part of American agriculture we believe that it is unfairly ignored by the major players in our industry. We believe livestock feeding operations deserve hybrids bred with the end use in mind. With that said, Masters Choice pledges to continue diligently researching all those things that we feel can have a positive impact on America’s farm families and their futures.

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As a family owned business we feel a sense of loyalty towards our customers and dealer base. It is by their efforts and loyalty to us that we have been able to grow into the business we are today. We have built so many wonderful, lasting relationships with so many of you that you all truly feel more like extended family. As we grow, we are excited to build new relationships and make new friends. We love hearing from our customers, please feel free to drop us a line, even if it’s just to say hi!