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Forage Superbowl

posted on October 19, 2016 /

Over the past three years Masters Choice has proven consistent dominance in the World Forage Analysis Superbowl, at Madison, Wisconsin’s World Dairy Expo. 2016 proved no different, with MC samples making up 7 of the “Top 10” samples. That runs our grand total of Top 10 finishers, over the last three years, to 15. Other achievements include winning the Grand Champion (Standard Corn Silage Division) two of the last three years, winning the Quality Counts Award (top Kd rate) two of the last three years (including 2016 with a Kd of 7.71, beating all standard corn silages and BMRs alike), and having the highest overall Milk Per Ton in 2016 (again, beating out all standard corn silage and BMR samples).

Of our 7 Top 10 finishers in this years competition, 6 different hybrids were represented. These hybrids, with their Top 10 ranking and Milk Per Ton, are as follows:

2) MC5250 – 3709 Milk Per Ton
4) MC4210 – 3733
5) MC5660 – 3794
6) MC5370 – 3683
7) MC6360 – 3567
8) MC527 – 3708
9) MC5250 – 3690

No one test or competition can define the advantages of Masters Choice floury grain. We run hundreds of different tests and analysis on each of our hybrids every year. However, consistent finishes in a competition as well regarded as the World Forage Analysis Superbowl offer some validation to the hard work our Research and Development team puts in.

    By Andrew Crabtree