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White vs. Pink Cobs

posted on April 4, 2017 /

By: Mark Kirk

I often get questions concerning cob color, and whether it makes a difference in silage nutritive values. In fact, someone just this week wanted to see any data I had. So I reached into my silage files for 2016 and averaged two hybrids with white cobs and two hybrids with pink cobs.

To get one thing straight cob color is determined by the hybrid’s parents. The parents of hybrids with white cobs both have white cobs and hybrids with pink cobs can have parents with one white one red, one white one pink, or two pink cobs.

So, what did I find?

There is no correlation between cob color and enhanced nutritive values. Here is the data.


As you can see there is no nutritive advantage. I will admit though that I have seen what appears to be a palatablilty advantge with white cob hybrids cows tend to sort out the white cobs less than dark red cobs but I imagine that is mostly a texture issue.

All this said work with your local dealer to find the best feeding hybrid that fits your fields and management practices regardless of the cob color.

    By Mark Kirk